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i've been tryin to get pregnant since march 2009 and my last period was oct 11th so me an my boyfriend had unprotected sex a few times between october 21st and october 25th. on november 5th i started spotting and i thought it may be implantation bleeding, i wasnt due for my period til november 8th. but the spotting still hasnt stopped, i've been spotting for 15 days now. i've had a few pregnancy symtoms, morning sickness (mostly in the evenings but feeling a little nauseas through out the day.), swollen/tender boobs, and peeing ALOT. im cramping in my lower stomach, lower back, and pelvic area. my mom experienced what im experiencing when she was pregnant with me (twins) but i've taken a few home test, all negative but one had a faint positive line a few hours after i took it. i went to the doctor yesterday and had a urine test done and it was negative so they want me to come back in 4weeks for a blood test. what am i experiencing? and is it possible its an ecotopic pregnancy or the hook-effect? please help!

by the way im 17.


What you're describing could be pregnancy because you said your mother had it. It could be a genetic thing for the two of you.

However, if you've taken pregnancy tests and they've all been negative, you may be experiencing a miscarriage. If it's been two weeks, I suggest you see the OB/GYN immediately to make sure everything's okay. They may also be able to confirm pregnancy, as well. It may be too soon for the at-home pregnancy tests to confirm a pregnancy and that's why they're negative. Ignore the stick that was a faint positive a few hours later. That's common and that's why you shouldn't view a pregnancy test hours after taking it.