hey everyone.

soooo i have been having unprotected sex, just with my boyfriend. i last had my period in late october, and when i had it, it was very long and painful. it came back for a bit at the beginning of november, which is usual, because i am VERY irregular. i usually get my period every month and a half or so, and every now and then, i have HELL PERIODS where I have them for 10-14 days.

I am on the Pill (Loestrin24FE) and took it for the month of November. i usually start my new pack on my period, but my period never came at the end of november when it was due, so i waited four days and took my placebo pills then started my new pack. I waited about a week to have sex after I started the new pack.

I took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks after my period was due, and it was negative. it is now christmas eve and I have still yet to get my period. i spotted a little bit on Monday, and i am waiting for my period to come to start my new pack, since that's the most effective method. i took another test today and it also was negative.

i have skipped periods several times before and everythings been ok, so i am not too concerned , especially after that negative test back on the 5th of december. but the fact i STILL haven't gotten my period is weird to me. last week i was crabby, broken out, and had HORRIBLE cramps, and like I said i had SOME spotting on monday, but barely anything was there.

I took a pregnancy test today and the results line said it was negative, but the control line was very very faint. I think I peed a bit too much on the stick lol. I have a lot of faith in the birth control, I take it at the same time every day and have never had problems with it in the past.

my question is- given my following situation (where I waited the four days without getting my period) ...should I be concerned that I am pregnant? will that have affected me and caused me to ovulate? or am I just being super super super irregular like I am used to being?? I have read that my pill causes girls to miss their periods. I hope all is well...the last thing I need right now is a pregnancy!