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hello I was wondering if anyone could help with some advice. I was a week and a half late on menstrual cycle and now started well I am still bleeding and it's brown and red and light pink I have been on for two and a half weeks is this normal or am I pregnat?


The normal cycle will happen on or around a given day of the month. Usually most girls have their period around the 20 and it happens every 28 days or so but because every month has a different amount of days it should usually fall around the same calendar day every month.

Just so you know there's a lot of things that can make you late....everything from stress to eating habits or even improvements in health. In 95% of cases most of the reasons a girl can be late is very minor and wouldn't need further investigation. If you know something is wrong (because only you know your body best), then I would advise seeking further medical assistance.


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