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For the last two weeks I've been having pain that comes and goes in my pelvic region (like cramping but sometimes gets worse than my normal cramping). Last month my period was late by exactly one week and this month I have no clue when it will be coming.
Today I discovered a jelly like mucus that was about the size of a Lima bean and I read that it was probably indicating that I was ovulating but it's coming up on the time that I should be having my period... I'm just all around confused about what's happening.

Note: I think my period was late last month because school had just started back up and I was around so many different girls (relating to the theory that girls can sync with each other) plus I had been pretty sick and that supposedly delays your period sometimes... But why I would be ovulating now at such a late time idk.

Any idea on what it could be?


Hi Caroline: When you are irregular this means that your ovulation is also irregular! What you have experienced with the discharge sounds DEFINITELY like ovulation - as does the cramping! So when you are stressed it can delay your periods etc. and thus delay your ovulation! Our bodies are VERY intune to stress - also you starting school etc. The girl theory, is when you live with them or work around them. And it usually starts happening when you spend a LOT of time with each other constantly! That's why fathers of girls, become gray haired quicker!!!! ;-) So If I were you, I would write it down in a calendar, and then keep track of your period. Also know that women can be upto 35 days menstrual cycle! Sot his might be you too! Also IF this continues, perhaps get checked out by your doctor - just to rule out ovarian cysts! Good luck and health!


I totally agree with you on this one. When I have an ovulation, I feel really bad pain and cramps and I got scared a lot every time when this happened to me.

But I have learned that late period is not that dangerous if period is late for 7 to 8 days.

If this lasts longer, you need to do something about this.

Also, when you have this type of discharge, it definitely shouldn't be your mucous plug because this comes out late in a pregnancy. Also, you should know that your discharge goes through different changes in consistency throughout your menstrual cycle. 

So I don't believe that you are pregnant. I think that delayed menstruation causes are different from person to another, but you are not pregnant.