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My period is like clockwork and comes every 26 days in the very early morning and last month it came right on time but it was a lot lighter than normal, I'm not sure if last month makes a difference in this or not but this month my period came two days late which is VERY unusual. I haven't ever missed a period since 4 years ago and it has been like clockwork ever since so i'm not sure if I could be pregnant or not. since my cycle is a 26 day cycle I would only be about 3 weeks pregnant (right around the time most women say they have implantation bleeding) however I'm confused on whether my period is just being weird or not. right now the bleeding is very abnormal, usually it is a heavy flow (it would fill a pad in about an hour and a half) but now I've gone all day without having to change it and it goes from being a pinkish color to a pink/brown then red. If anyone could just tell me what you think, if I could be pregnant or not, any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. my boobs are sore to the touch, I've been nauseous, and I have slight cramping from my belly button and down.




take a test.