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Type in your question herehi friends i am almost 13 year old girl.i often masturbate but never successful to squirt my p***y.i really want to squirt my p***y.please tell a simplest method to squirt my p***y.


I would say watching porn and rubbing your clit slowly gradually getting faster and faster. Or, get a video of a girls p***y masturbating and copy her. If you start to breathe heavily, don't worry, just carry on. If you start to feel like you're body is going rigid, that's great, keep going. You should then have a orgy, and hopefully squirt. I jumped a little when my body when rigid when I first masturbated. Another way is to finger yourself and rub your clit at the same time. If you can, rub you're g spot if you're turned on enough. It should feel like you need to pee. But if you feel that sensation, DON'T press too hard, you then may be in for a big surprise of a long distance squirt. -Masturbation Girl. X


Alright that's very helpful


What you'll need:
A pillow (of your own)
A cushion (of your own)
A book or a hard bath pillow (of your own)
Your bed
Alone time

what i do is (steps):

1. get yourself in the mood by lying on your stomach on your bed with something hardish in your pillow cover as well as your pillow like a book or a hard bath pillow, then rub the top of your vagina on it pretend its the person you like.
2. after this then snog a pillow pretending it's the person you like.
3. Grab your cushion and then (this is what i do)
4. i lie on my bed on my back with my legs open
5. get the cushion and turn it so the corners on your vagina then cross your legs and turn to the side
6. hold cushion to chest
7. the while the cushion is there and you have you legs crossed and lying on your side rock you legs and kind of squeeze at the same time
8. after a little while you will feel almost like a pulse down there and you feel your vagina almost gently squeezing itself.
9 this is then an orgasim and it feels great.
10. plus you can do it silently.
11. after you will have a white line which will be wet or just a wet patch on your cushion.

There you go it feels amazing please try it as soon as you find this. I've been doing this since i was 10 and now im 14 and i do this all of the time. The best thing to do is imagine your having sex with the person who you like no matter what age they are (that's what i do).

Hope this helps and works and feels as well for you as it does for me