Abdominal pain ?

I had pain in my right side abdomen with a frequency to urinate, I had a scan and found I had a ruptured ovarian cyst 2 weeks later I had severe pains again went to a&e said it was not appendicits got sent home, started to bleed two days later (not sure if this was a period or cyst coming out of me as my periods are irregular.

The pain subsided for a few days then 5 days later woke up with chronic pain so much so it hurt to walk, doctors just sent me home, I had a internal scan to look at my ovaries all looks ok.

Am still getting pain on my right side just below my belly button area, stings and hurts to touch, I am also getting pain in right hand side of groin. In past I have endemetrosis just want to know whats causing it any one help me?

All blood tests are fine and urine is fine.