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About two week ago I started getting sharp pains in the front of my lower right leg. This subsequently turned into a purple bruise. I went to the Doc who sent me for ultrasound and xray. Both tests came back all clear.

However, the bruising is still there and its still painful on and off and has a random, soft lump in it which comes and goes. When I raise my leg the bruising fades but as soon as i put it down again the bruising comes back. My leg is sometime numb and tingly as well. Along with this sometimes the right side of my face is tingling as well. Also, I am having some very faint chest pains.

This morning I woke up and both my upper legs are tight in the hamstring area along with all the other problems.

I know this seems like a hypercondriac's dream but I would like to know what this could be as it is becoming quite a worry.

Any ideas?


Actually love, I hate too add to your worry, but that does NOT sound right.

It actually sounds like a clot of somesort. Go back too the doctors right away and get checked out, and DO NOT take no for an answer OK? You might need a Warfrin injection - blood thinner. Tell them what has happened since your last visit OK? And let me know what happens!!! Good luck hon!