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I am a 14 year old boy and like other boys puberty has not been kind to me. I have no hair on my face, chest, armpit, and legs. But my balls have dropped and they are hairy as hell. My voice is very high(voice cracks often), my friends often compare me to 5th graders. I am only 5 ft tall, shortest in the 9 grade. My penis is only 3 1/2 in. when erect. When I master-bate a white liquid does come out instead of the clear stuff. My face is covered in pimples. All I want to know is what stage of puberty is it when your balls are hairy as hell, but you have no hair anywhere else. In other words, what the hell is going on.


Everyone goes through puberty differntly.

It sounds like you are at a stage probably common for people a year or so younger than you.But it really doesn't matter.

I am 19 now and my best friend was always called "titch" at school for being short.

Now I am 5 foot 11 inches and he is six foot. He was tiny until he was 16, 17 then shot up.

The same thing happens with penis etc.

I only got hair on my face at 16. I have friends who had it at 13 and others who are yet to have any.

Your penis will probably grow more soon but really don't worry - as long as it's not a one inch wonder any girl who wants to be in a relationship with you won't care. It's better to be a guy with a small penis but who knows how to use their tongue than one with a massive one who is clueless at all the things girls REALLY like.

Puberty is not uniform - everything you read online about X happening at age Y is based on averages. You seem on track, maybe a tad late. Nothing to worry about.

The liquid being white is just due to your diet - all cum is whitish, never clear.



Hi I was wondering what stage I am at. I am a 15 year old male I have some ball hair and above my penis no under arm hair my penis has not grown and my voice hasn't broken