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Although many people say how grooming body hair does not make you gay, we still don’t know what to do. Others say that male shaving makes you just a man that cares about his appearance and body.

So what to think about this topic, should men shave their body hair or not? How to be sure if shaving is going to be embarrassing?

What shaved men think about shaving areas other than their face

Many men completely shave their genitals and legs, some of them shave their entire bodies. Many of them report shaving initially caused embarrassment or even some physical discomfort. However, in a very short time they grew to really want to shave their body. Many of them found that shaving frequently reduced skin irritation and rashes. Now they feel comfortable only when freshly-shaven.

For those men, shaving body hair is not a matter of feminization, but one of accepting a more appropriate male role. They are trying to get rid of the pseudo-macho hair and replacing it with a softer virility. That is why most of them would never go back to the hairy body now they grew accustomed to the new lifestyle.

Do girls like shaved men?

Many girls like that their boyfriends shave,  admitting they enjoy the feeling of a naked shaved man’s body. However, any flab or lack of tone around the middle looks much worse without hair to disguise it. A significant number of girls prefer hairy men, as well.
Gay couples commonly shave themselves, or each other. 

That is why, if your wish is to shave areas other then your face, there is no reason to avoid it. Shaving should be a personal choice, and your opinion could be different than that of other’s, but in the end, we are all different.

How to shave your body properly                                      

You will achieve optimal body shaving results if you follow some basic rules. As a start, wash the skin first with warm (not hot, not cold) water so that the skin is clean.

It is best if you stand in the bathtub so you do not make a mess. Men should use a drain basket to avoid clogging the drains. For each new shaving, you have to use a new blade or a new disposable razor, because the sharper it is, the less it will nick. Let the shaving gel work on the skin before you begin shaving. Try to do a section at a time, and do not shave the whole body at once. Pull loose skin with the fingers of the other hand, and do not press because the lightest touch will shave just as close as a dig, but will be less likely to tear your skin.

Before your first shave, reduce the length of the body hair with a beard trimmer, hair clippers, or scissors.

Try to keep those blades off the skin itself, and avoid the temptation of trying to shave your own back, since sideway movement of a razor will make a straight cut through the skin. After each shaving, you could use aftershave. However, since it is alcohol, it is going to sting and hurt. You could buy some witch-hazel to use after you shave. This amazing natural liquid will reduce razor-burn and help prevent the open pores from becoming infected. It will also help prevent acne, which using pore-clogging shaving cream could provoke.

How to shave different parts of the body

Head: A rotary shaver is better for head shaving, because it is the ultimate curved object. However, if you use a razor, be careful not to lose an eyebrow. You may use the fingertips of your other hand to feel for remaining stubbly areas. Women can also shave their heads. It’s a great solution for alopecia, and the entire scalp is an erogenous zone when hairless.

Face and neck: Women must use wax to keep their face and neck hairless. Shave your ears with using a rotary shaver. You can also use a wet razor on those course and wild hairs.

Neck from back: Normally the stubbly feel at the back of the neck is quite desirable, but if your scalp is smooth, you should shave your neck. Leave it for your assistant to do if you are having your back shaved as well.

Shoulders: Like the chest, re-growth here can be irritating, so once you start, keep it smooth. Shoulders should also be left for an assistant to shave.

Arms and hands: It is easy to shave your less dominant arm and hand with your dominant hand, but it feels weird for a right-handed person to hold a razor in the left. Off course, you will eventually get used to it, since you will be doing this at least twice a week from now on.

Back: When shaving your partners’ back, do not ever press down with the razor. (Off course, you should never shave your own back unless you really have to.) You will not be able to feel the pressure because it is not your back, so when shaving a partners’ back try to be careful.

Underarms: Women are used to this, but men should know not to press with the blade, and relax to let the hollow out. You should repeat with a rinsed blade up to five times without pressing.

Chest or breasts: If you are a man with thick dark curly chest hair, re-growth will most likely occur here. After you become bald-chested, try to exfoliate daily in the shower with a scrunch. Do it to make sure you do not get blocked follicles, which can become infected and itchy. If you do get folliculitis, go straight to the doctor for antibiotics to treat it. During the shave, be very careful not to cut your nipples since there is course hair right at the nipples edge. You should shave this hair with great care and precision.

Tummy: Like the chest, only lower - and more flat, hopefully. It is also less sensitive than your chest, and less likely to become infected or irritated.

Pubic area: Now when you have shaved the rest of your body, why not lose the pubes as well? If men are trying to keep an area of pubic hair, keep it trimmed short and have the edges dead straight. In addition, having a tiny bald area just above where your shaved penis joins your body will make your penis appear longer.

Bikini area: There is no excuse not to include the bikini area, which is adjacent to the pubic, genital, and anal areas. No one likes to see hair sticking out of your briefs if your chest is bald.

Genitals: When men shave their penises, they should pull the penis if it is not erect and gently shave the hairy part of the shaft near the end. Try to shave towards the body and move the penis from left to right to get at all the corners. Stretch the skin of the testicles as you gently shave them. Get the tops of the legs adjacent to the scrotum while you are down there.

Perineum and anus: Between genitals and anus is an area you should not miss while shaving your body. This is very important because once you shave, you are more likely to receive visitors down there. When you are shaving around the anus, stretch the skin of each cheek away from the orifice to get a good pass with the blade.

A study observed a number of incidents that happened due to grooming and shaving public areas. In eight years, from 2002 to 2010 there were an estimated 11,704 incidents, with over 50% accidents related to women with the mean age slightly above 30 years. In more than 8 out of 10 cases shaving razors were the main cause of the injury with a laceration or tearing being the most common type of injury in over one-third of cases. The most common site of injury was the external female genitalia, again in more than one-third of patients. [1]


Most GU injuries that result from the use of grooming products are minor and involve the use of razors. The demographics of patients with GU injuries from grooming products largely paralleled observations about cultural grooming trends in the United States.

You should definitely prevent razor bumps here, so starting the day after your shave, exfoliate with a washcloth while in the shower. Keep this area shaved to avoid uncomfortable stubble and never press the razor hard against the skin here.

Legs, feet and toes: Shaving these parts of the body is easy enough if done in small sections. Any woman will tell you that shaving up the leg against the direction of growth will net a closer shave. However, shaving down is less likely to cut you. Since men’s toe hair can be as tough as eyebrows, you should try soaking your feet in warm water and rubbing soap onto the toe tops for a while to prepare the skin there.

The worst thing that could happen after shaving

For those who do not prefer wax, shaving can be a positive experience. Shave only in the bathroom, and clean up thoroughly afterwards. The worst that could happen to you is folliculitis, also known as barber’s itch, pseudofolliculitis barbae, and tinea barbae - an infection in the hair follicle. The usual cause of folliculitis is either the bacteria Staphylococcus or a fungus. [1] It may occur anywhere on the skin, because of injury or damage to the hair follicle. The cause of this injury could be friction from clothing, blockage of the follicle, or shaving or waxing. A common cause is the sharp ends of re-growing shaved hair emerging from the follicles and curling back around to irritate the skin – a problem most of us have experienced. If you are unlucky enough to get this following your introduction to hairless life, it is important to keep the area clean.

Try to avoid re-infecting yourself with contaminated clothing and washcloths. If the condition requires help, you will probably need to get a prescription for topical or oral antibiotics, or antifungal lotion. It is contagious when active and it itches so bad you might feel miserable for weeks.