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I turned 14 back in early October and I still feel like the same boy I was when I was 12. My penis is about 3 to 4 inches, but nearly 6 when erect. I can prouduce a lot of semen that comes out clear and I have a plentiful amount of curly pubic hair. I'm also one of the shortest kids in my age group standing at a height of 5'1. I have small strands of hair and a visible developing mustache. The only problems I'm having is my height, my undeepened voice, and how I still have the same face from 4th grade. How much longer is this going to take?


Well, as a first point, you have way more to come. 

Second, I'd say you're in very early Stage 3 or very late Stage 2, but it's hard to say. Don't listen to Tanner Stages thinking they're 100% accurate, they're just a rough way of figuring out where possibly you could be in puberty. Everyone develops in their own way.

Your voice should deepen in no more than two years I would say, and you're short because you are in early puberty. You are at average adult penis length (5-6 inches is average, with the main figure being 5.5).

Hope I helped a bit, you can ask for more help if you want. Puberty is usually finished at around 18, so you have plenty of time. I am almost 15 and an around stage 3.3.

Also, how did you measure your penis? You are supposed to measure along the top, from the base to the tip