ive had this problem for 2 months. 2 months ago i was abusing alcohol and drugs and did of and on for yrs. im diagnosed with depression and anxiety, before the last 2 months i was prescribed to clonazepam and celexa, then after i stopped drugging and drinking myself, i got very anxious so i would take more clonazepam .5mg one night i took like 4 or 5 of them cuz i could not fallasleep, the next day everything was very different. like i changed in my head, my symptoms now and since then are foggy brain, memory loss, dry eyes, dry mouth, frequent urination and dribbling of urine, cant concentrate, dont and cant do anything i loved to do, im clumbsy, a weird headache not normal cant really explain, ive noticed time is going very fast, im 27 i know time goes fast not this fast, i cant talk right or exp[lain things at my job or to anyone, blurry vision. thoughts of suicide because i think i have brain damage and i will never get better, like theres no point to live. ive seen doctors had a ct scan just saw a nuerologist he put in for a mri, mra and a nueropschologist but he and everyone thinks its just anxiety, i keep saying that i ve experienced anxiety bad anxiety its not this, some people say its withdrawal from clonazepam i dnt think so. and how can anxiety be 24/7 no medication im on or was put on on even the meds i was on 2 months ago work anymore not even my dpression meds, whats going on someone please help me