For the last 2 months, since the beginning on February, iv been getting head rushes and rushes through out my body (thats ones a little hard to explain, kind of like shudders or tingling in my back and legs) seeing spots, feeling like I'm going to pass out, you know when you stare at something bright and you look away and you still see the outline of it? Well i see random lights like that all the time..ive been to a doctor and got blood work done, my thyroid checked, and my heart checked and everything is normal but i dont feel normal anymore. This happens everyday and the more i think about it the worse it gets. I start freaking out a little cuz it kind of feels like being high on weed..ive smoked here and there like most teens but not enough to be the cause of this, that makes me freak out a little and i get nervouse and that makes it worse.. I dont have anxiety or am i stressed out really so it cant be that. Its not getting better, its getting worse that it was in the beginning.. Ive changed my diet from alot of unheathy carbs and simple sugars like chips and pop to more fruits and veges and i drink alot more water but that hasnt helped..i play alot if sports so i get excercise..(my diet wasnt that bad to begin with but i did lack friuts and veges) I dont know if this is just in my head or not cuz there's nothing "physically" wrong with me.