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Hey there,

how are you?

Can you tell me what is your usual doses for Meridia pills? I was talking to my doctor about it, about these pills, and he told me that I need to visit him as soon as possible. He will tell me can I use it or not, but I want to see what doses he will tell me to use, if I can, of course, and what is your usual doses? Did you use it?

How to use it?

Some optimal time? 

I have to say that I am scared, but willing to try,

Wish me luck!

Have a nice evening! 



well it depends on your body, your health, and your orgasm. At first, he can tell you to use one pill per day, and after that he can increase your dose as well. Each Meridia capsule contains 5 mg, 10 mg and 15 mg of sibutramine, so no one but your doctor can tell you what dose is the best for you. As you said, you will see him soon, and ask him about that.  

My friend was using Meridia capsules that contains 10 mg every day.

She lost her pounds, everything was great, no side - effects.  That is basically it. 

Good luck and inform us about your progress!



Good day,

well, you should always consult your doctor first. You need to stick to certain dose, that is most important about these pills. It can go wrong if you miss the dose, I am not sure what exactly can happen, but you should not do that. 

You need to know that you need to be very careful with all these pills. I would recommend you start follow some diet, but I think that you already have decide to use some pills, and soon.

I understand you.

Just please, be careful, because it can harm you, as every other pill, if you don't take it careful.

Good luck!