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Good evening girls,

I have some new questions about Meridia pills :)

Does Meridia weight pill help you morbid obesity? As you probably already know, I have a problem with my weight, and I think I am desperate, really desperate…

Just for the record, I know that diet pills can cause certain health issue, but sometimes I think that I am ready to take a risk or chance, whatever you like to call it, if Meridia weight pills really can help me morbid obesity.

So, please, even if you are against these pills, help me with your answers.

Thank you!


Hey there,

Well, I am sure it does, because that is the porpoise of these pills, right? Well, I am still for healthy diet program, but I have one friend that was really, really fat, and thanks to Meridia pills, she lost 15 pounds. She told me that she was totally OK with it. We all know that Meridia is an anorectic or appetite suppressant, reducing the desire to eat. It has some side – effects, and that is the only way why I don’t want to use them, but I respect if you do!

I know that feeling when you are depressed because you are fat.

Good luck!




Thank you for being so kind! I am really depressed, but I hope that I will be able to lose my pounds. Btw, I am going to visit my doctor tomorrow, I think, and I will tell you what he told me. I really hope that he will help me and tell me that I can use Meridia weight pills, or he will suggest some damn good pills as well. I don’t know, I am so confused about it.

If Meridia weight pill can help me morbid obesity, that would be amazing. I really would be happy!

Thanks for your support!