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Hey there.

I went to my doctor today, and he told me that I should avoid Meridia weight pills, because I actually do have some healthy issues because of my pounds. He told me that I can try to use Leptoprin diet pills, because they are much better and safer than Leptoprin diet pills.

To be honest to you, I never have heard about these pills, actually, I wrote name of it, because I was scared to forget :) Honestly :D

Now, anyone here using Leptoprin?

What is your opinion about Leptoprin diet pills?

Are they really safe as my doctor told me?

I mean, I think that he can’t go wrong.



Hey there,

Never used it, but my mother did. Now, this is her experience, and I hope that this will help you, because I don’t prefer diet pills, I love diets :)

OK, my mother told me that this is literally miracle pill :) and that this one absolutely works. If you ask me, it is a little bit expensive, but OK. So, I know that my mom is not the only one that likes this diet pills and I know a lot of more people who are happy with it.

If you think that you can use it, great. If your doctor told you that, then you should try it.

I believe it is safe for you.




Good day!

The regular version of Leptoprin contains these ingredients, per one capsule : calcium, vitamin B6, caffeine, Kelp, Cayeene, Ephedrine, Green Tea Extract, acetylsalicylic…. Thanks to those ingredients you can lose your pounds, they say.

But, I think that only ingredient in these diet pills that actually can help you lose your pounds or assist in weight loss is calcium.

So, if you ask me, these pills are not so effective as they say. I don’t know why some people think that these pills are magic, because I do know that they are not :) I mean, I consumed them, but without results :)