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Hello everyone,

Now, I think I am totally in these Meridia weight loss pills and I have too many questions about it :)  I am aware that some of you will tell me that I should try with some other program, maybe diet plan, which definitely can help me lose my weight. But, you have to understand me, I am desperate. I will follow some diet plan, but I think that I will need to try use some diet pills as well. Sometimes, I think that is the only way that can help me lose my pounds.

I know that Meridia diet pills are natural and that is the reason because I am thinking about use those pills.

I don’t know, I am confused and I am not sure.

Please, help me!

Thank you!



You need to know that every diet pill can work and will if you respect some main rules. Now, it depends on how they will work for certain people, because these pills never can work the same for each person.

Now, you need to check how this goes in your case. Now, you can read somewhere that this can work without following any diet, but I would not agree with it. You need to follow certain diet even if you are using some diet pills. Of course, you need to know about some issues that some pills can cause.

Well, my answer on your question is positive. You really can lose your pounds. That is whole story!




Hey girls,

thank you so much for your advice. I know that diet pills sometimes can harm our health, but I want to try use some of them after these Holidays, I won't use them all the time. That is my plan. I know a  lot of people who told me that I can use them without having any fear, but now I must say that I am confused a little bit.

Still, I think that I should consult my doctor and see what is his opinion about it. I really want to lose my weight, I am struggling very hard, and I hope that I will be able to make some new decision in new year.

Wish me luck! Enjoy!