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I want to start this answer with an important reminder:

Any product that can really help you lose weight fast (more than a pound or two a month) is a drug.

And any drug is something you should get from your doctor.


It's not unsafe, however, to take Slim Force 7 if you have hypothyroidism. It's also safe with hyperthyroidism, and heart disease and diabetes and cancer and allergies to unicorn feathers.


That's because Slim Force 7 contains no active ingredients at all. The makers of the product say:

“The Slim Force 7 treatment consists of grapefruit, lemon, orange, mango, pineapple, and pomegranate acids plus one fat burning algae.”

For the record, there are no such things as grapefruit, lemon, orange, mango, pineapple, or pomegranate acids, and think about it for a minute, have you ever seen overweight algae? And if grapefruits and lemons and oranges are so great for weight control, why is it that there are still overweight people in Florida?

Slim Force 7 is the classic example of a weight loss scam:

  • It lists ingredients that do not correspond to any understanding of either natural medicine or conventional medicine. Oranges are acidic, for example, but there is no chemical called "orange acid."
  • It makes completely fanciful claims. “Slim Force 7 is a weight loss product that has been the subject of many studies and research. Recent studies have shown that the 6 fruits and the algae contained in it, combined together, are able to stop fats from depositing and help to eliminate them daily. This results in the most rapid weight loss ever seen in a completely natural product.” This is not a set of alternative facts. This is a pack of lies. Absolutely zero clinical studies of either Slim Force 7 or any of its ingredients have ever been published.
  • Its maker claims you can lose weight very quickly, “…in the first 3 weeks it’s possible to lose up to 2 pounds a day, without any effort.” Let's think about that. To lose one pound of fat per day, all other things being equal, and they never are, you would have to burn 3500 calories a day. To lose two pounds of fat a day, without any effort, you would have to cut 7000 calories a day out of your diet. Even people who weigh 800 to 1000 pounds (400 to 450 kilos) don't often consume 7000 calories a day. There's just no way that your body can burn that much fat, or you can remove that many calories a day from your diet. It is possible to lose two pounds on the first day of a low-calorie diet, but that's water weight that will come back just as soon as you eat about 1200 calories (a big burger meal) more than you need.

Recently the company has been shipping its product out of Austria, which at least requires a listing of its ingredients, none of which is a "fruit acid." They include "grapefruit seed powder (Citrus grandis) 10.5 mg, Lemon dry extract, 1/4 fruit(citrus medica)10.5 mg,Pineapple stem powder (Ananas sativus)10.5mg, papaya leaves powder (Carica papaya)10.5,g, Spirulina powder (Spirulina maxima) 9.6 mg, bitter orange fruit rind dry extract, 6 & #37; titrated in synefine (Citrus aurantium var.amara), 2.1 mg and edible gelatin."

These aren't "acids." The bitter orange rind does contain a mild stimulant called synephrine, which accelerates your body's burning of fat. However, you would need a lot more than the 2.1 mg dose in Slim Force 7. Spirulina is a remarkably nutritional algae (although there are issues about how some of its compounds interact with B vitamins). A dose of 9.6 mg would provide less than 0.02 percent of your nutrient needs for the day. The other ingredients have some plausible effects in much larger doses.

But overall, it's as useful for weight loss as the previously mentioned unicorn feathers. There's just nothing in this product that is worth you money or your time. If you have bought it, demand your money back.

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