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Hey there.

I forgot to ask you really important question. Well, I have a little bit high blood pressure and that is something that I do struggle with almost all my life. Well, I was wondering can I use Meridia along with blood pressure meds or should I avoid it?

I know that I need to consult my doctor first, but I was wondering that there is someone who can help me with this issue?

What do you know about it? Is it safe or not?

Seriously, I am really scared of these side – effects that these pills can cause.

Help me with this one?

Have a nice day! 



I am sorry to hear that darling. You need to check with your doctor, but I believe that Meridia is used together with diet to treat obesity that could be related to high blood pressure. But, if you have some health issues, you may need to adjust a dose of Meridia. It is risky to do by your own.

You should check your pulse and blood pressure almost all the time, and of course, you need to visit your doctor often. Because, I also know that some of Meridia side – effects can be a dangerously high blood pressure with headache,  anxiety, etc.  

I do use Meridia but my doctor approved me these pills, and I don’t have pressure issues.

Just to be safe, go and consult with him.

Have a nice holidays! 




I totally agree with you! Darling, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible if you want to try these pills. Because, as far as I know, Meridia and some other diet pills can cause your blood pressure higher than before. And, that is not good. So my advice is – do not take Meridia if your blood pressure is not well controlled. Call your doctor!

You should be aware of this, right? I believe you are.

I still believe that you can find some other solution to lose your weight.

I wish you all the best and take care of yourself.