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Basically had unprotected sex march 17th and my period april 3rd. I'm 20,fiance is 50. I felt precum the 23rd so I'm worried. Took one hpt yesterday,negtive but my fiance says it can't be accuarte cause its too early and I'm on my period which will give false answers. When can I take a test?my back has been hurting me,and got my period 7 days before I expected it.


Hi Katie,

If you're on your period you aren't pregnant.  You can not have a "normal" period if you are pregnant because the lining of your uterus would be shed.  If that happens, you'd miscarry.  Yes, there can be some bleeding.

Even on your period, it won't change the results of the test.

You need need to wait at least 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex to test.