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myself and my boyfriend had sex about 15 days ago we then had sex again 10 days ago and since then i have been feeling sick, but havent thrown up. my mum and friends think i could be pregnant and my mum has brought me a pregnancy test but i have not missed my period yet. unfortunately we also had unprotected sex on my ovulation day but i did not realise untill i got home he didnt cum in me but im not sure if i could be pregnant because of his precum

i am very gratefull to any answers as im quite worried i could be pregnant, i also would like to know if i can take the pregnancy test even though i havent missed my period yet.

thank you  



Testing early, before your period is due will almost certainly give you a negative.  

Even once you're due, if you can, wait 7-10 days longer.  By then, if you are pregnant, the hormone levels, hCG, will be high enough to detect.  Use your first morning urine, it is more concentrated and likely to provide an earlier positive.

False negatives are common testing early.  False positives are very rare.