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Ok i am not proud of what i did but i do need to get some answers or my head is going to blow up!!

I got my period on the 4th of march (like clock wise, on a 28 days cycle) is very regular and i keep a close look at the dates always... then i had unprotected sex on the 11th with the man number 1 and then i had unprotected sex with  the man number 2 on the 17 of march, according to my calendar app womanly my ovulation day is the 19 of march who is more likely to be the father? so i understand my risk of getting pregnant start early on the 15th of march and the sperm can live around 3-5 days so cold be possible that the ma number 1 is the father or the man number 2??

please some kind of expert advice will be great!!


Hi Fifi,

Most women ovulate sometime between days 11-16 of their cycle.  You had sex on day 7 with man number 1.  Yes, sperm can survive UP TO about 5 days MAX.  It is possible, not very likely however, that he is the father.

You had sex with man number 2 on day 13.  Timing wise, this would be AT or NEAR your peak fertility.  The egg is only viable for up to about 48 hours after ovulation.  He is the likely father.

You will need a DNA test to confirm.

Good luck.