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Facts::: LMP... June 1-6, 2012 ... Had sex with guy 1 on the 8th he ejaculated in me ... and again on the 15th he ejaculated in me again that day too..... . A few hours later I hooked up with guy 2 and he pulled out... (He told me he never came... Not even a drop.) ....My due date is march 8,2013 ..... I am 30weeks pregnant today based on ovulation, fertile days, and conception date.... I am convinced its guy 1!!!!! What do you think??? 


The dates are based on a 28-day cycle with you ovulating 15th October 2012. So the ejaculation on 8th June was probably too early for sperm to survive to 15th (there is only a very low chance of 7-day survival). The ejaculation of 15th is the most likely cause of pregnancy, so it could be either guy. If Guy 2 had sperm in his pre-cum, even if he did not ejaculate in you, there is a chance he might be the father. However, the likelihood is that by the time you coupled with Guy 2, Guy 1's sperm would have reached your fallopian tubes and either already fertilised the released egg or created a sufficient barrier against Guy 2's sperm. However, If Guy 1's sperm were weak and few in number, who knows? However, on the basis of probability, I think Guy 1 is the father.

Hope this helps