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I've been taking my birth control since the end of November, so about 5 months. In the beginning it was irregular and extremely long, and the past couple months it finally started to even out and become regular. I had sex on February 22nd unprotected, and I got my period in March when I was suppose to, on the 10th. I'm suppose to get my period today but nothing has came yet. I find this strange since the last couple months I've been fine. Mind you I take it every single day at the same exact time. What could be the explanation...? 

A few days ago I took medicine for a toothache, I took Tylenol and Ambosol. Idk if this might have something to do with this..


I had given birth to my son four weeks ago. My partner and I have had unprotected sex since a week I gave birth! Is there any chance i am pregnant? Should I risk taking a home pregnancy test now?