ok so i have liked abiut 6 guys this year and all of them i was friends with and we were flirting and i thought they liked me. but apparently they didnt. but they also went and told me they didnt want to go out with anyone but then they went and asked out/talked to other girls. i am on the girls soccer team for my school and one of the girls on the team likes one of the guys i used to like and now i am getting threats from her saying that if i talk to him or text him the girl will make my life hell. i know i dont need a boyfriend but everyone around me has a guy/girl. my bro is flirting with my bestfriend and my exboyfriend who i am pretty tight with now is going after another girl on my team and it just seems that everyone just ignor/walk right over/dont see me . i mean i think i am a pretty girl and i am allways getting complemented on my eyes and hair. i just think that i am unimportant. that i aint good enough for people. why does everyone else get the guys they want but i cant evern get a boy? i mean i like guys but i mean i feel like if i tell someone that i like that guy then i will get made fun of or get him taken away from me.