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I was askin this to a member on the site the other day and they suggested it would be good to open it as a discussion on the forum. So what do you people think? Any experience from guys and girls welcome! :-)

This could also stem to, how can you tell if she is interested at the sane time.




Hi Will,

this really is one of those questions where you never can get one answer that fits all. Girls generally like to be "started" by guys, but when a girl is anxious about something about specific guy she'll send 100 SMSs in an hour. So, the right measure --- thet is the real problem.
Hope others will have more ideas - all people have different experiences, so it should help.


There's no rule on who's going to text first. As a girl I like to be "started" :-D in a polite and discrete way. But I was "starting" boys too XD They like to be "started" as well you know. For example, my boyfriend was positively surprised when I made the first move on him...four years ago. I just said to my colleague (his friend): "I like your friend A LOT and I want you to tell him that." So, after a day or two, he asked for my number, and he text me first, I would text him first if I had his number... and that's it. Happy end. :-D


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I'm with April on this. I would have loved it if a girl who was interested in me had made it known to me.
Of course we didn't have texting or email when I was a teen ----------- in the 50s. Years later, when I came home from the Army and all the girls I knew from high school were married, I learned about several of them who liked me in our school days. If I had known about it I certainly would have asked them out.

I can't help but wonder how many good matches have been missed because a girl didn't let a guy know she was interested.

I know a girl was supposed to wait for a guy to do the asking when I was young but I would not have been at all upset if a girl had called me.

One of the girls I learned about who liked me and was married when I returned home, was a girl I actually took to a drive in movie once. I didn't actually date her. A friend of mine who didn't have a car wanted me to take him and his girl to the movie so his girl brought along a friend for me. It was kind of awkward because we both knew it was just a set up so they could go to the movie. We both went home thinking the other one wasn't impressed when it was really just the opposite. I never called her because I thought she wasn't interested and she didn't call me because girls weren't supposed to do that. I can't help wondering what might have been, because she really turned me on that night. :-( She was the only girl who ever gave me what we called "lover's nuts". >;)