my period is early and pink why? I'm a 33 year old female have a 11 year old daugther that i had when i was 21 and a 5 year old son that i had when i was 27 anyways i started my period when i was 12 they started out irregulur until i had my daughter and was normal after her, in june of this i had no period at all took a pregnancy test was negative my period finally came on july 28/2012 but only lasted until the 30 0f july same think in aug 2010 started same day as july lasted on til 30 same as july before i ever had kids at all my periods would last 7 to 14 days after having my first at 21 they went 5 to 7 days then all sudden they did as i have explained above anyways september was normal i usually start 1st of each month stop around the 5 of each month but like i said i had no period for june this year at all then it was 4 days early for both july and aug was pinkish color for july and aug, september was normal reddish color i started on 1st stopped on 5th then this morning i woke up to take my kids to school noticed i had a pinkish color blood when i wiped fr having to pee lol anyways i have been gaining weight,tired easyily,headaches everyday,severe back pain and craving food i don't eat i have took another after my period ened in september was negative yes before you ask I'm sexually active i have been divorced fr my kids father since 2008 and engaged to another man that i have been with for a year we got SDT testing when we first got together in june of last year neither one of had any SDT'S we haven't been with anyone else as we are always together lol even before we decided to move in together in august this year so can sombody help with what going on with my periods? has anybody else had this happen to them and if so what was result? thanks