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-I've been on birth control since the beginning of June
-My ovulation date was June 18th
-Had unprotected sex on June 28th.
-I had my period on July 1st-4th (normal)
-I had unprotected sex on July 6th.
-I took Plan B on July 9th.
-I took a pregnancy test on July 14th and it was negative.

Lately I have had lower abdominal pain and have been bloated there also. It has also felt gassy somewhat but more of where it sounds/feels like something is bubbling every once in a while. My breasts have also been a little sensitive when I push on the middle of them. Weirdly also, I have been burping a lot. I haven't really had that much of an appetite for the past week either. Could all of this be due to me stressing and worrying about me getting pregnant (I don't want to be AT ALL) or could these symptoms really mean that I am pregnant?


Hey, I've been having the same symptoms to. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on July 26th, now is August 3rd, I'm on my period and I have stomach cramps like you have when you have diarrhea, and I've been having diarrhea for the past 2-3 days through out my whole period. And I feel really tired. I just woke up from an eight hour of sleep and I feel really, really tired. I don't know why. So my boyfriend and I are going to try to go to planet parent hood and get tested. I hope I'm not pregnant because I'm not ready.