I took Suboxone for 4 years. The week between Christmas and New year I went down to 4 mg then stopped new year Eve. Actually it's 19 days off. I also stopped Benzos , Xanax 10 days ago, Klonopin on Saturday, Ativan mon night. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep,at all, last night I drank a little and finally slept 7 hours but woke up feeling like ate up feeling. I assume it's Benzos withdrawal even though I felt OK yesterday. I just got a 1 mg Xanax n took it 30 min ago. Still feel the same. I was hoping it would help but since it hasn't I'm assuming some Suboxone withdrawal came back. Last time I felt this bad was 12 days in. I thought on day 16 I was getting better. Then all of a sudden I'm sick today. Is it the Suboxone withdrawal coming back for another hit? It's been the worst, longest 19 days of my life.