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I take 250 mg oxy condone a day ,ran out early. I have 90 200 mcg fentanyl subsys sprays can I use this to help with withdrawal.or till I get back to doctor on Monday.

please help me ,with your info,I am scared out of my wits.


I know this is way later and you already have your answer. bit I just came across this and decided I would answer for the next person who may be going through this. The 2 drugs are completely different and cannot cover for the other. Your body craves the drug it is use to and though putting another opiod in it may help with a few of the symptoms of withdrawal, it will defenitly not stop the withdrawals. I am a long term fentanyl user, I am at a 600mcg dose 5x a day along with 125 mg in fentanyl patches. I wish I had never been put on the fentanyl years ago b/c the withdrawal symptoms make you feel like you are going craxzy and/or going to die. Its a HORRIBLE feeling that you cannot escape. I was recently in an auto accident and had to use more sprays than norman and ran out a few days (2)early and I had the WORST withdrawals ever.. and I like you, tried to replace the drug with another opiod ( 10-325 oxycodone) and it was a NO GO. helped with some of the pain, but still had full blown withdrawals. I am not one that abuses my medications, I take what is prescribed and I still had horrible withdrawals. Hope this helps someone in the future