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I have to excuse myself if the content of my post contains way too much information, but I'm stuck with a very unpleasant situation and there is no way I can get a doctor's appointment before the end of the next week – so any help would be greatly appreciated. So, here goes.

For the last two weeks I’ve been experiencing almost constant itching around my anus and in the last week this itching is also accompanied by almost constant anal leakage. I’ve had some problems with my digestive system in the past, and I did have severe candida infection recently. The info I found however suggest that this both might be caused by candida or worms infection. I did notice some stretchy white substance after going to toilet, but could this all be caused by candida or am I suffering from worms infection?


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Hi! It could be a candidal infection but the symptoms point more towards a condition known as enterobiasis. It is a parasitic worm which is associated with itching in and around the anus as well as around the perineum. Best is to see your doctor for complete evaluation and treatment. Cheers, Tom