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Hey, i'm 15; and i have pin worms. i have had them twice now!
and everytime we get the medicine and i take it.; like a month later they come back!
what should i do???

sincerly yours;


Pin worms are difficult to eradicate because of the ease of re-infection. At night, the female pin worms crawl to the anus to lay their eggs. The eggs will attach to your undies and bed sheets, and when dry, will fly all over the air like pollens do. Anybody who breathes in the eggs will swallow them and get infected. Therefore, it is likely that all members of your household are infected and need to be treated. Wash your anal and vaginal areas thoroughly whenever you take the shower. This will remove eggs that are attached to the outside of your anus and vagina. Ask other members of your family to do the same. Clean your clothes and bedsheets often. Install several powerful HEPA air cleaners to remove the eggs from the air that you breathe.