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To warn you upfront, this post might be TMI for most people, but for anyone who is suffering irritable bowel syndrome like I am for years now, these things become kind of part of regular conversation. So, my problem is that I’m having very mucous-y stool and it’s accompanied with a terrible itching around my anus. All the info I managed to read on the subject suggests that the mucous is my body’s way to get rid of a yeast or worm infection, and since there were no worm traces, I think I have candida infection. Most people mention using garlic enema as a way to kill of the yeast, but since I never had an enema or prepared a mixture, I was wandering if anyone could help me with the ‘recipe’ for the garlic enema?

Thanks in advance


I was under the impression that itchy anus was parasites.  I've heard of people who will tie a piece of string around a clove of garlic and shove it as far up their vagaina as they can and leave it overnight and then pull it out in the morning, kind of like a tampon.  Have you tried doing food grade diatomateous earth?  If you take a bit in your smoothie, it's supposed to chop up any parasites.  Have you tried taking a really good probiotic?  That can help eliminate candida.  If you think it's candida there are specific diets you can do for that to kill them off, which include no sugar, no alcohol, no fermented foods.