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Hi, I recently returned from a 2 month trip around india and horribly got intestinal worms from the food or something. Regardless I have been to the Dr. and they gave me a dewormer that is unsafe to use during prego (mebendazole). My husband and I last had sex on the 6th of April (around my fertile time) and now I am crampy, bloated, tender breasts, the whole lot and anxiously awaiting for my period or not! I took a prego test yesterday and it was negative, could it be too early. I just woke up with these signs yesterday (April 22nd). Normally I would of had my period by now going by the cramps I have been having the last two days. Anyhow, has anyone had this horrible dilema? Could the worms be effecting the maternal recognition? I did ask the Dr. if there are any dewormers that are safe during prego and she informed me that I needed to wait to see if I got my period. I am very frustrated and hate having this underlying worm issue going on at the same time. Has anyone experienced a neg. test result at 4 weeks?

Thanks much!!



i discovered worms, took 1 tablet of vermox (mebendazole),.and 6 days later a prego test showed positive!!!
i hope there's no damage done!!!
anybody any advice?