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i am a 17 year old uncircumcized male. i have been diagnosted with urinary stones for one month and some now. I have had some discomfort in my penis because of this, and i have worsened it with paranoia and inssistent rubbing and scratching of the penis. i sometimes feel pain in the urethra and get the urethral tip irritated, once these symptoms were accopanied by fever, and after antibiotics treatement they faded away, but now anly 5 days after the treatment has ended, similar symptoms have kicked in, after what appears to be candida has set in on my penis, this time there is no fever, and there is added itchiness and foul smelling discharge.. is this something to wory about, after this whole adventure i am really confused, some doctors say i am just paranoid but these symptoms are real.. i wanna know does this sound natural, will it go away with anti-fungical treatment


You never said if you were sexually active or not. The symptoms you mentioned do remind of both candida and std infection symptoms. Have you been checked for STD’s?

I don’t understand why you were given antibiotics, it is quite possible you had a bacterial infection… could have been either STD since you had all those symptoms or maybe epididymitis, a bacterial inflammation of the tube that lies on testicles. Epididymitis can be pretty painful and accompanied by chills and fevers but I can’t relate where the foul smelling’s coming from.

Have you been tested positive for candida? If so, it must be it and the symptoms resemble. Along with the regular candida symptoms, some people experience other non-related symptoms like fever, chills, lower abdominal back or shoulder pain, nausea or vomiting.

I think you should get tested first for candida and then use any of the antifungal creams.