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Background info: I'm turning 23 and not ready to have a baby. I don't remember how many days before/after ovulating I messed around with my bf. We've never had sex because we don't want to risk pregnancy and he's my first ever bf. Basically, I was just giving him head and he fingered me for a few minutes. And let's just say he didn't finish inside my vagina, but not "outside" either... so we were basically very safe. But now I'm experiencing early preg symptoms (nausea a week before my period, sore legs, cramps). My period was supposed to come today, but it hasn't. What could it be? How late can my period come anyway? The past 2 months it's been regular (32-day cycle). Please help!!


Stress can cause your period to be late, also sperm INSIDE of you is required in order for you to be pregnant. If you are worried you're pregnant wait until 1 day after your period is due to take a pregnancy test so you can get accurate results. I highly doubt you're pregnant, i do however suggest you relax because you can cause your body to miss a period by stressing out over it.