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My first question is does the penis have to go inside your vagina then cum while its inside to get pregnant? Or does he just have to cum then get it on your vagina while its not inside your vagina to get pregnant?? My second question is Could i be pregnant? I had given him a hand job.. he had cumed. and it got on my hand, i kinda wiped it on his bed.. he gave me a pair of his pants from off the floor and said here wipe it on this.. then i slid off the bed (while my pants were off) cause he was fingered me but he didnt touch his penis.. and pulled them back on but im not sure if any of his cum got on me..and this was on Saturday April 7th... so 3 days ago.. and I was laying on my bed earlier.. and i had my finger on my stomach.. i keep feeling this heartbeat.. and my period is a little late.. mom said that it might be late cuz all the stuff they put in our foods and she also said maybe your gonna start your period..and she also said it wont always come on time..Please Reply Soon..!!!


Hi Skool,

Semen has to get INTO your vagina for you to get pregnant, not just on it or near it.

Even if you were to get pregnant, which is very unlikely from your description, you'd never feel the heartbeat 3 days later.  It is impossible.  You likely feel your own heartbeat which is normal.  The aorta runs through your abdomen.  Also, having sex 3 days or so before your period, it's unlikely you'd get pregnant.  The egg is not viable, able to be fertilized, after about 48 hours past your ovulation date.

Don't worry.  The chances of pregnancy are EXTREMELY low.