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im 16 and i got fingered on 22nd october and last sunday i was due to come on period the week before. all my friends have been saying that you can get pregnant by getting fingered and im really scared because i dont know if its true or not, because ive look into and its says sperm dies in second when it meets oxygen. ive needly been on for a year but only had like 5 periods so i dont know what happening to me and i just wanted to check that i wont be pregnant.

may of my friends have been fingered, there werent pregnant or late :'( 

i feel really silly for writing this and please help me?


NO you can't... fingers don't get you pregnant... Semen from a penis does.... You really shouldn't be doing sexual things if you haven't educated yourself about them before... especially if you think you can get pregnant... educate and learn before... NO your not pregnant


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I've never heard of anyone giving birth to a 7 pound finger --- or tongue.

At your age your period can be disrupted by anything you do around your vagina that may arouse you. Sperm has to be deposited inside your vagina to cause pregnancy and it's nearly impossible for it to crawl in from outside if you did get your BF to release some of his.

As you say, you have only had 5 periods in a year so it's not very regular yet anyway.

At your age some "friends" enjoy scaring friends, so don't listen to them. Being 16 is a fun time in life so enjoy it.

Don't feel bad because you don't know everything yet either. You are here asking and that's what's important.