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April 12, I was with my bf and I had my pants and underwear off, he kept his pants on and I was rubbing him through them. I felt a wet spot where I was rubbing him and we held hands for a while and then he touched me down there.

First question: Is there enough sperm in pre cum to get me preg?

Second question: would it be possible for it to go through his boxers and jeans, from my hand to his and then into me when he touched me?

Its May 2, and I'm supposed to have my period by now. This morning I had slight cramps like I was getting it, but nothing major like it usually feels. My breasts aren't tender and I don't feel sick in the morning (but I didn't feel that way w/ my first pregnancy)
So might my period be late from stressing over being pregnant?
Please help.


It is extreamly unlikely for you to get pregnant out of this situation--if a child for some crazy reason does come about I would call it the miacle baby- Not only does precum have little to no sperm having to go through the clothes and survive on his hand and STILL make it into your cervix would be amazing if not impossiable I assure you. you are just a little late I am sure you will get your cycle in a few days as soon as you stop strssing-
Something to keep in mind- if you are fooling around to this degree with your bf intercourse isnt that far behind- perhaps you should consider getting on the pill to prevent having pregnancy scares in the future. Take care and be safe