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I've had a rash on the rim of my labia (fourchette) that had been red and itchy to the touch. I was treated for my yeast infection using Monistat 3-day treatment and i also took a pill. Last night i finished the last day of my medication, and saw that the redness of my rash had completely disappeared. BUT when i looked closely i saw that there were skin colored bumps on the fourchette that were still itchy when i touched them too much (it is really hard to see this area, btw). 

I was wondering when this will go away? I had never looked at my vagina so closely before i had my yeast infection, so it is a possibility that these bumps can be from my broken hymen... but they're still itchy. I have applied Monistat external cream to the area in the mean time. 


I have the exact same issue. The bump has been there for months. Never opening,blistering, or multiplying. i also had a really bad yeast infection and it caused my skin to crack around the opening (ouch). I went to Gyno and she did Pap smear and std testing. No for herpes or warts. Pap smear came back normal and received diflucan for yeast. the one bump is very hard to see because it is in the fourchette and under the opening of my vagina. I have to actually spread my skin around to see the bump. It is itching and actually bothersome. WHEN YOU FIND AN ANSWER LET ME KNOW.