Hi all, just had a few questions to see if anyone on here might have had the same thing as I have been noticing. A day or two ago I noticed that after having sex with my boyfriend, the bottom of the opening of my vaginal area developed these small little cuts, looks and feels exactly like a papercut, and these little "papercuts" are also on my labia minora. We have frequent sex, maybe a yeast infection? I've had them before. I went and saw a doctor because I also noticed a rash that looks exactly like razor burn, and she thinks it's folliculitis due to itchy red bumps that look like whiteheads or pimples...I am very scared it might be herpes and I am still waiting for my results, anyone know what this might be?? Aside from the papercut looking things the skin around the vaginal lips is very dry and recently I've been able to scrape off bits of dry skin. I know for a fact my boyfriend is 100% clean, I have had something like this surface before once at the beginning of our relationship and i treated it with monistat and the peeling/cuts eventually healed within a few days of the medicine. But I'm more concerned about the itchy whitehead looking bumps; again, strictly on my outside skin meaning pelvic area and on the outer vaginal lips, nothing in clusters, there are none of these itchy bumps on the inside of my vagina/vaginal lips, buttocks, face or anywhere else. Anyone have thoughts or similar?:(