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About a week ago I woke up with pain surrounding the opening of my vagina. I assumed it was just from rough sex but after a couple of hours it turned into an itching. I bought an over the counter vaginal cream to stop my discomfort, which worked for awhile until I began to think it was something more serious. I asked around about symptoms and someone recommended Monistat. After I used it my vagina swelled, and a horrible burning started. After this I saw my gyno - she did a pap smear and a full inspection saying that it was most likely a yeast infection. She put me on an ointment to settle my itchy symptoms. The itchy and burning sensation stopped so I assumed I was cured, however almost 2 days after using the cream I attempted to have sex and had the worst pain ever almost like I was a virgin again. He could not enter me. I am wondering if this is the pain that is associated with yeast infections.


The pain is most likely from an infection because often bacterial and yeast infections reduce vaginal lubrication and production of mucus, which leads to irritation of the vaginal opening and general vaginal dryness. This is why your partner could not enter you. These infections also cause itchiness and possible vaginal discharge.

I am a bit confused by the thought that you got a severe reaction from Monistat, since it is used to clear yeast infection. Anyway, one thing is certain and although it may be hard to refrain from sex, that would be the best thing to do until your infection clears up. Otherwise, you could be just adding more fuel to the fire.

Cut down on sugar products because sugar may promote yeast growth, eat/drink yogurt and always dry your vagina after washing because damp atmosphere promotes yeast growth as well.

If the pain doesn’t subside even after the symptoms do, you may be suffering from vulvodynia, which is a chronic inflammation of the vulva (external genitals). The cause is usually unknown, which may make treatment harder. Stay in contact with your gynecologist to work out the problem.