Hi, im 16 years old going in 17. I became sexually active 6 months ago and everything was fine during the first two months. Around the third months though, I caught a uti. I went to the doctors and got prescription antibiotics for it and it kind of went away. I say kind of because there was still some minor pain left behind, not as bad as when I had a uti but bad enough. I waved it off and figured it would probably go away in a few days... it didnt. And I never went back to the doctors. (I don't have a doctor so I have to either go to a walk in clinic or the hospital and they're both so expensive) anyways, the pain did not interfere with my sex life, everything was pretty normal and my urethra only hurt went I urinated. Anyways, I soon started getting this white, thick, lotion like discharge. It was harmless except it got on my boyfriends penis and it was kind of embarrassing. But I didnt get 'dry' or anything like that. A few weeks later though, I developed a rash and small pimple like bumps on my vulva and they were, well ARE, really itchy. So I looked it up and saw that all my symptoms resembled a yeast infection. So I bought monistat 7 and took the medicine as was required. Did I mention that as soon as I developed the rash and bumps intercourse became more painful as did urination? Well yeah. Anyways, after I finished the monistat treatment the thick white discharge went away but was replaced by this clear but 'flaked' discharge. It's clear and has tiny white flakes in it, and it doesn't smell BAD but does smell and taste bitter. Anyways, now I find it impossible to become 'wet' and sex is very painful as is urination and I don't know what to do and I plan on going to the hospital doing but if anyone knows what might be wrong please tell me. Im so scared because I heart that pain in the urethra can be a kidney infection and I HAVE been getting lower back and pelvic pain. I don't know what to do..