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Living with AIDS
Healthy Living

In this article I will try to present what is like to live with AIDS: what are the problems of physical, psychologicaland social nature that people living with with AIDS must cope with.

Macrobiotic Principles
Healthy Living

The word macrobiotic origins from Greek and means "long life". The macrobiotic diet and the philosophy behind it were developed by a Japanese philosopher and educator George Ohsawa.

Hysterectomy side effects
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Some doctors claim that many women in United States undergo hysterectomy that are not medically necessary. There are books written why not to have a hysterectomy unless you have a malignant cancer.

Nutritional benefits of milk
Healthy Living

We all started with milk. If not mama's milk, than supplement milk. So, it must be something good about it. In this article we will discover why milk is considered a complete and ideal food infants and why is so beneficial for children and adults.

Microwaved Food
Healthy Living

Millions of people have them at their homes – over 90% of Americans use them for meal preparation! They are so convenient and energy efficient, especially when compared to conventional ovens. Actually very few homes and restaurants don't have them.