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Are you interested in great health and vitality? This has always been very important to me, so I have done much inquiry into what creates excellent health. Before going into this, I would like to state some of our challenges to excellent health:
1. Some people are born with inherited health issues or inherited tendencies toward health issues. For example, my grandmother and my aunt both died of pancreatic cancer. I have known for a long time that my pancreas is a weak organ in my body.

2. The environment - the air, water, pesticides, hormones, and chemicals that we are exposed to daily can have a disastrous effect on health, especially on inherited tendencies.
3. Severe child abuse erodes the immune system, as a child has to spend too much energy dealing with the abuse. Many adults of childhood physical and sexual abuse are challenged with health issues as adults due to their weakened immune systems.
4. Ignorance takes its toll. I didn't know when I was younger and washing my hands in turpentine after doing an oil painting that I was adding toxicity to my body. Erika and I were talking recently about how much our parents used "Accent" on everything they cooked, not knowing that MSG is harmful to the body. Many people have taken much medication, only to learn years later that it contributes to heart disease or cancer. Millions of people believe that they are eating well when they eat the packaged and processed foods from markets. How many of us knew - or know now - that breathing the formaldehyde from carpets and furniture might cause severe health problems? The list goes on and on.
So, back to what creates excellent health. 
1. Exercise - both aerobic and weight bearing
2. Natural, unprocessed organic foods eaten in balance
3. Your state of mind
While all these are vitally important, the last has proven to be the most important. If you change your diet and start to exercise, but continue to think thoughts that cause your body stress, you will not achieve optimal health.
Research indicates that stress is the primary cause of illness - both physical and emotional. Anything that stresses us causes our body to go into a flight or flight reaction, which upsets the immune system.
Therefore, the most powerful thing you can do to bring about excellent health is to change your thoughts. Any thought that causes emotions such anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, tension, or fear is harming your physical health.
Here, of course, is where Inner Bonding comes into the picture. If you are dedicated to being in Step One throughout the day, noticing your emotions, wanting responsibility for your thoughts that are causing any distress, and then moving through the other Five Steps of Inner Bonding, you will gradually be changing your thoughts. 
For example, Robert, a client of mine, was distressed following his check up. His doctor told him that his blood pressure was way too high and wanted to put him on blood pressure medicine. Robert decided to work on his thoughts instead. He devoted himself to noticing his thoughts that were creating his stress and started to feel much better. A few months into doing Inner Bonding, his blood pressure was normal!
Robert's situation is not unique. Over and over clients tell me about their health improvements as a result of practicing Inner Bonding. 
The most important change you can make in your health is to decide that you WANT 100% responsibility for changing your thinking that is creating your stress.