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There are thousands of men that would like to change the sound of their voice to make it deeper,more masculine and virile sounding.A deep voice makes a man feel more confident and desirable, and projects a sense of inner-strength like nothing else can do.

Exercises to Make the Male Voice Sound Deeper

While there are numerous programs offered on the internet designed to help a man enhance and deepen the sound of their voice, there are also some natural deep voice modulation exercises which can provide surprising results.

Think of the deep rich voice of Barry White or the smooth and sensual sounds of Marc Anthony, voices like these men have are very distinctive and unique and you too can find a way to reach your full voice potential.  Deepening the voice naturally is not as difficult as one might think and with a bit of time and effort, it is possible for a man to lower the octave of their voice considerably. 

Experts recommend a man recite the alphabet slowly and deliberately, not rushing through any of the letters.  Say each letter completely and fully, when finished say it again only this time drop the voice down a tone or two.  Repeat the process a few times per day and continue dropping the tone of the voice down, gradually hitting the lowest note possible.    

Another popular natural deep voice modulation exercise is for a man to say the words “binga bonga,” “dinga donga,” and “kinga konga,” slowly and deliberately.  Hold the final portion of the word for as long as possible and gradually lower the voice each time the exercise is performed.  Repeat three or more times per day for about one or two weeks, but never overdo the exercise.  Over working the voice can lead to vocal cord damage and can do more harm than good when trying to do natural deep voice modulation.

Humming: A Natural Deep Voice Modulation Exercise

Humming can also be a way for a man to naturally deepen the sound of their voice.  Try humming some low sounding songs or go for the rhythmic sounds of the blues or some jazz.  Whatever music you prefer to use, hum deeply and slowly and gradually lower the tone of the voice and never overdo this exercise either.  The goal is to learn how to make the male voice sound deeper without damaging the vocal cords or surrounding throat structures.

The more time that is spent speaking the more exercise the voice gets, but it is important to remember to speak slowly and clearly and enunciate each phrase properly.  It is also important to speak softly, practice each day and do not speak through your nose, which will make you nasally.  Another important part of voice deepening is to speak while exhaling slowly, which will allow you to have control over the pitch and tone of your voice. 


Never do anything to intentionally damage your voice or vocal cords, remember that not everyone was born with a husky, manly, masculine voice.  However, with enough time and a little work you can naturally deepen your voice and achieve the tone and pitch desired.  Try the above mentioned exercises and soon, you too can learn how to make the male voice sound deeper and have the tone and pitch you have always wanted.