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Please can somebody help? I am constantly losing my voice, I lost it in September and it only came back at end of January. It has now gone again! I have seen 4 ENT specialists who have said they can't find any problems with the vocal cords. There has got to be a reason it happens so frequently though surely? The problem is beginning to get me down now and is impacting on my job. Please Help?


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Iv been having problems with my voice since last Oct.
When you say you loose your voice do you mean totally or like me get very horse?

Mine gets worse when im on my period. The doctor says she hasnt heard of it, but iv got a friend who had sinus problems the whole time she was pregnant an as soon as she gave birth she was fine. So i think it could be related.
I have hormone problems.....
I find sipping water all the time helps it keeps my throat wet.
The doctor also has given me a nasel spray (beconase can be bought) it has helped. Its a long term treatment works slowly over time.

I ended up having a few days off work last month because my voise was so bad. I got upset an they sent me home. It was so hard to try an keep going an talk, it just got me down.

I work in a school. I have to talk the whole time there.

Do you have hormone problems?
Do you feel like you have rubbish in your throat? i do


Ladies, please get a chest x-ray. I just lost my mom yesterday due to several cancers, but one in particular was in the lung.
She started to loose her voice in July of 07. She was also an avid smoker.
The cancer spread to her head and then back to her leg.

I don't mean to frighten either of you, but we used to call my mom "froggy" until the tests came back positive. Then it wasn't funny anymore.


i am losing voice partially for the last one stays for 1 or two days.....this generally happens when i am out in the cold or intake cold drinks and ice recovers if i cover my throat region wid muffler or gurgle with warm water.......but i wanna kno if it doesn indicate sumthn cancer or sumthn........... :-( :-( :-(