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Hi , I have a question, about my voice. I'm a 21 year old male...and my voice never really changed, never got deeper. I sound like a girl... Not kidding. I hate it and I hate the way people treat me. I can't talk on the phone because everyone thinks I'm a female. I took help from mane E.N.T speacialist. but they did not find any problem.what can i do now?


Since you said you went to an ENT and they said there wasn't a problem you could then try speech therapy. I am a speech-language pathologist and in my field we also work with patients with voice disorders and work on "pitch" problems. Just a thought. If you can't afford speech therapy privately or through your insurance you can check out (American Speech and Hearing Association) and look for schools in your area. Most schools who have speech and language program also have clinics that graduate students earn their clinical hours that are supervised by speech-language pathologists. Most of these clinics from my experience work on a sliding scale based on your income and are also extremely affordable.