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My 17 year old is in puberty . He has LOTS of hair on his legs(lots) and arm pits! He shaves. he seems to be happy with his development EXCEPT FOR HIS VOICE. Even other people comment on 'I wonder when his voice will get deep? I saw a eys ears and nose doc..he got put on an antacide for pressure in his thraot when he lays down..the doc didnt see any medical reason for the  voice not changing..ALL the MEN (2 other brothers and My hubby have DEEP DEEEP VOICES..What could be going on that his voice isnt changing much..its like the Karate kids voice ..not high but not deep for a guy..he is worried and it makes me really sad for him as he is also having a hard time socially because of it...any feedback? 


Has his voice shown signs such as cracking and dips in the pitch?