Penis symptoms: 

Numbness in penis (feels like rubber when cold)
Purple like infection on head of penis (fungal/yeast?)
Inside of foreskin  has little bumps 
Feels inflamed and different when erect (I still do get erections)
Bit tingly at tip of penis sometimes

(I have a list of cause but here are some)

Possible causes: 

Fungal infection
Pinched nerve
Pudendal nerve 
Multiple sclerosis 
Nerve damage 

Note worthy: 

I am a virgin!..
I sleep on my penis but that hasn't cause any problems before lol
I do NOT ride a bike
I had some things detected in my urine which is due to poor nutrition or something

Lip symptoms:

Numb lips
feels slimy when rubbing lower  and top parts of lips together
kind of feels swollen

Possible causes: 

Mild allergic reaction
Medication side affects
Nerve damage
Toxic ingestion
Mutiples sclerosis 
The flu/cold?

Note worthy:

I can detect heat and cold
I ingested my cum (was curious) and if it was a fungal infection then cause that have been passed to my mouth????

Please try and be helpful and don't scare me unless it's the truth, I'm really worried that this will be permanent :( the purple inflamed fungal looking area on my penis head is the only thing that kind of gives me hope that it is not serious and just an infection but could that cause all these symptoms? are my penis and lips related? the penis problem started around 4 weeks ago, my lips 1 week ago. Thank you for your help everyone, it really means a lot ..